QTech technology helps irrigators comply with tightening water regulations

Posted by Shelley Grell on April 16th, 2013.

QTech technology helps irrigators comply with tightening water regulations

Media release, 15 April 2013, QTech Data Systems, Christchurch, New Zealand:  Telemetry and water management specialist, QTech Data Systems, has created and launched a sophisticated Aqua Flow Management System (AFM) that enables water consent holders to remotely monitor, better manage and report their water usage data directly to their regional council.

Under New Zealand’s National Regulations of Water Use Measurement and Reporting, all 20,000 water consent holders in New Zealand must install both a water measuring and data reporting system*. And by law the onus is on every one of them to provide their water usage data to their regional council in the required format. If they fail to comply with these measures councils will either charge to collect the data in person, or present the consent holder with an abatement order.

On recognising a gap in the market for an advanced water measuring and reporting solution, QTech designed the AFM especially for irrigators to meet the compliance needs of regional councils in New Zealand. It is a complete irrigation and resource consent data collection and reporting system manufactured and supported locally and designed for NZ conditions and requirements.

Steve Champ

“We recognised that the combination of automated reporting and water measurement would greatly benefit both consent holders and councils,” says QTech managing director Steve Champ. “Convenience, efficient water management, remote monitoring and online reporting are just a few of the many advantages that the AFM provides. It also provides peace of mind for irrigators when regional councils start to implement tighter restrictions to ultimately ensure full compliance with the regulations.”

Read the full QTech AFM press release.

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