Christchurch can become a transport city of excellence

Posted by Shelley Grell on December 5th, 2016.

Lots of people have opinions, but very few actually bother to put pen to paper. We secured the opportunity with the Sunday Star Times and polished an opinion article for Connexionz about Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport Systems, and it’s already stimulating conversation. The business editor said she wished more people did the same.

Christchurch can become a transport city of excellence

Recently, Rod Oram criticised Christchurch for “failing to use its $50 billion investment to build a very distinctive, 21st century city” and said one of the great gaps between achievement and potential was that “Christchurch has no plans to be a leader in integrated urban transport, or being a data-driven smart city.”

To put this into perspective, Christchurch public transport was not only affected in a major way by earthquake damage to the infrastructure, it also had the challenge of re-routing services, while navigating roadworks and diversions to meet the changing needs of city residents. Considering the recovery and rebuild has dumped so much on their plates, is being a “smart city” a priority for city planners to be focussing on? Yes, it is.

Being a smart city means readying for the growth challenges ahead through technology, creativity, and collaboration.   Read the full article here.


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