Hivemind crowdfunds affordable bee surveillance for hive health

Posted by Shelley Grell on April 12th, 2017.

Smart hive minder helps beekeepers #savebees and maintain #healthyhives

  • Hive Strength Monitor with WiFi alerts beekeepers of early signs of trouble
  • Tracks and reports changes in bee activity, hive temperature and humidity
  • Enables proactive just-in-time beehive protection
  • Helps reduce bee and honey loss from pests, disease, hunger, and swarming

Hive vets aren’t real. Good tools help.

New Zealand’s smart hive innovation company, Hivemind, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help beekeepers check their hives remotely, and take proactive action to keep their bees safe and happy.

The “Hive Strength Monitor with WiFi” campaign aims to develop and commercialise an affordable and accessible WiFi version of Hivemind’s flagship satellite-based Hive Strength Monitor for all beekeepers.

It is targeted at responsible beekeepers, commercial pollinators, and honey lovers alike around the world who are committed to keeping all bee colonies happy and strong.

Read the press release

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