Blog: AI and Patents

Posted by Shelley Grell on December 12th, 2017.

AI patent systems may be faster, but are you willing to bet your patent rights on them?

It didn’t seem that long ago that people were talking about Artificial intelligence or AI, as something futuristic, or another generation away. Not anymore. AI is rapidly infiltrating many aspects of our lives with automated assistants, smart devices, driverless cars, toys, and more.

While there are seemingly limitless benefits of AI, there is high-level concern about AI’s impact on people and jobs. Research group Gartner predicted that by as early as next year more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a “robo-boss.” There is no denial that this technology is creating such unprecedented disruption that governments, companies and societies around the world are racing to manage and control AI before AI controls us.

Even the IP industry isn’t immune. And it’s not just the filing of patents for AI technologies that’s of concern.  AI raises intriguing questions such as who the inventor is where the machine invented or contributed to inventing the technology. From an IP industry perspective, questions are being raised about stated initiatives from IP firms and patent offices such as the EPO to conduct patent searching, examine patents and even write patent specifications using AI.

We gained some interesting insights into the affects of Artificial Intelligence on the IP industry when writing this blog for our client, CreateIP. Read the full blog here.

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