The Benefits of PR

Our clients’ requirements vary from one-off projects to long term communications strategies comprising local, national and/or international PR (or a combination of all three). They also target a range of markets and audiences, including existing and potential customers, industry CIO’s and CEO’s, government, distributors, partners, and so on.

Whatever your requirement(s), whoever you want to communicate to, we can help you to maximise your business potential through proactive PR and marketing.

The benefits your business can expect to achieve from PR include:

  • PR attracts public interest, new business enquiries and referrals.
  • Being read about in positive editorial provides far greater value than advertising. This is because editorial is considered more credible and authoritative than advertising.
  • When people read about businesses in the media they are perceived as market leaders and are more likely to be trusted. As a result PR shortens the business introduction and sales process considerably.
  • PR is cost effective, wide reaching and creates long-term results, more so than advertising.
  • Employees like seeing their efforts in print and reading about what their clients say of their work.
  • PR is good for recruitment, as people regard companies more favourably when they read about them in positive editorial of the business and technology pages.
  • It feels good to have people call you to congratulate, compliment, discuss, or enquire about an article they have just read about your business.
  • Customers respond positively to joint case studies and the response they get when they are published in the media.
  • Students, applicants and customers around the world can also find PR generated coverage and news releases on the Internet. Those who are written about most are considered more dynamic.